Coconut Milk Product Line Guide with Influance Hair Care Educator Fawnne Smith

Influance Hair Care Coconut Milk Product Line

Q & A with Fawnne Smith

What are the benefits of using the new Influance Hair Care Coconut Milk Line Products?

Fawnne Smith: If your hair is lacking moisture this system will help your tresses receive maximum moisture. It is rich in lather and smells amazing! The coconut milk shampoo is sulfate free and salt-free, strengthens hair, and will help detangle those curly tresses while shampooing.

What are some things people would be surprised to know about this product line?

Smith: The shampoo is lightweight, and also will help with color retention.

I recommend using the conditioner for coily and/ or curly hair which is needed to restore the hair’s elasticity.

Are there any unique ways you use some of the products in this line?

Smith: You can use the conditioning products to deep condition before going under the dryer for ten mins. After rinsing the hair will feel soft then add the coconut milk leave-in to detangle the hair.

Which items will be my go-to daily products?

Smith: The conditioner can be used daily to refresh your curls, and can also be used to add moisture to braid and loc styles.

Do you have any critical advice for stylists who set hair and offer blowout services?

Smith: This leave-in conditioner is a must-have for your blowout service! It helps smooth the cuticle and reduce frizz. For your clients who want to set their hair and receive maximum hold, the coconut milk foam is your go to. It is fast drying and can be combined with leave-in to create the perfect long lasting hold for your style.

Which product is most helpful for wash-n-go styling, braiding, and twist-outs? 

Smith: The coconut cream helps define curls and can be used for wash-n-go styling, twist-out and braiding styles offering lots of shine and helps control frizz. If your client’s hair is coily I recommend using this before and after blow-drying to create a lasting textured look.

Q: Which Coconut Milk Line is your Favorite?

Smith: My favorite of the coconut system is the edge control. It gives the maximum hold for the edges. That puff style or that sleek look will be long lasting without flaking. It works well on all hair types: relaxed and natural hair.  

It’s an excellent product to retail to your clients. Every client is looking for that perfect hold, and maintenance product and the edge control is a must-have. Add the oil sheen conditioning spray to offer a healthy shine to your hairstyle. 

Q: Any tips on retailing?

Smith: Each product is great for retail in your salon and will be great for those clients who want to receive maximum moisture.

A big thank you to this week’s blog author and contributor Influance Educator Fawnne Smith

Influance Hair Care Educator Fawnne

Fawnne has over 20 years of experience in the professional hair care industry with a concentration in customized hair treatments for natural hair and healthy hair styling. She has been with Influance 2 years, and teaches the It’s Natural Courses focusing on maintaining healthy textured hairstyles maintenance for the wash-n-go, rod sets, twist, coloring locs, bridal styling and more.

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