Influance Hair Care Educator Hullema Riddick’s 5 Rules for Achieving the Perfect Color Placement

Influance Hair Care Color Placement Tutorial
  1. Always use the Post Chemical Treatment before any chemical service. 
  2. Always use the post-chemical infuser after rinsing out chemical processes. It helps restore the hair’s elasticity & moisture after processing. 
  3. Always apply color on dry hair!
  4. Allow the color to process under the dryer WITHOUT a cap for at least 20-25 minutes. Or until the color is dry with no damp spots
  5. Lastly, make sure to rinse out the color with COOL water. 

Watch Hullema’s Perfect Color Placement Tutorial Below

Influance Hair Care

Stylist, Educator, and Blog Contributor

Hullema Reddick

Influance Hair Care Stylist Hullema Reddick

Hullema Reddick has been in the Professional Hair Care Industry for two decades. She specializes in creating innovative, bold, colorful looks. Hullema’s salon “Hstylze Hair Studio” is located at 3502 Scotts Lane, Building 19, Suite 1921. In August her salon will move to Suite 1421 in the same building. Check out more of Hullema’s AMAZING work on Instagram @hstylze and check out her Website for more information.