Color Touch-Up with April Toliver Wilkins

Step-By-Step Breakdown

with April Tolliver-Wilkens

Cleaning the hair first is recommended with our Deep Cleansing Shampoo. Effectively remove build up, chlorine and environmental polluted with this clarifying shampoo. It’s gentle formula thoroughly cleanses without stripping away natural oils leaving the hair healthy looking with plenty of shine.
Influance Hair Care Deep Cleansing 8oz
Influance Hair Care Deep Cleansing Shampoo 1gal
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Next rinse hair and towel blot excess water from the hair. Apply a barrier around the hair line. Influance Conditioning Base, specially formulated to condition and soothe during chemical applications our Conditioning Base acts as a protective barrier against irritation and discomfort. It’s unique makeup of oils and conditioning agents will emulsify with body heat and will not impede chemical penetration.
Influance Hair Care Conditioning Base 32oz
Influance Hair Care Squeezable Conditioning Base 32oz
Apply small of Pre Chemical Treatment throughout the hair, this water soluble polymer will even out the porosity of the hair.
Influance Hair Care Pre-Chemical Treatment 16ox

Your formula should use a natural series along with the desired shade. 20 volume of Influance Professional Creme Developer, is recommended for this client. Allow the client to process for 30 minutes.

Influance Hair Care Professional Creme Developer Volume 20 32oz
Using our professional powder lightener, creates optimal highlights streaks and special lightning effects. it’s dust free formula is rich with active hair- protecting ingredients delivering a quality lightening process. It is great for lifting natural and artificial hair color.
Mix 1 scoop, and 2 oz. with our Professional Creme Developer, achieve long-lasting color with this creamy consistency allows for even coverage and effortless bowl and brush application.
Starting in the crown area take 1/4 inch slices and apply the lightener to the middle of the hair strand with foil and feather the excess lightner towards the new growth.
This allows the color to transition without a line of demarcation making the color more natural. After allowing to process for 10 to 15 minutes.
Start rinsing from the top down. This will allow the foils to slide out easily. Around the hair line massage the color until the color is removed.
Towel blot and apply Influance Post Chemical Infuser, that replenish essential conditioners and moisturizers after chemical process with this unique formulation. This conditioner injects vital nutrients that lubricate the hair shaft restores moisture balance and leaves your hair with a radiant shine allow to process for 5 minutes.
Without rinsing apply our Coconut Milk Shampoo, our sulfate-free shampoo instantly softens strengthens and detangles. This multifunctional shampoo is formulated with an exclusive anti fade system for color retention and helps to protect hair from loss of protein. 1to 2 times rinse and towel blot in between.
Next apply a generous amount of Coconut Milk Conditioner, this lightweight multifunctional conditioner instantly penetrates softens  and detangles. This unique conditioner has an exclusive anticolor fade system for color retention. It fortifies hair fiber with proteins iron, and oils while preventing split ends. Place a process cap on and process under the dryer for 15 minutes. Rinse with Luke warm water.
Use Influance styling agents and comb to desired design.
Voila – there you have a beautiful color touch up to make you shine bright as summer comes to an end. For more beauty tips check out our blog page and check out our other articles and tutorials!

A big thank you to this week’s blog author and contributor Influance Stylist and Educator April Toliver Wilkins!