COVID19 Won’t Stop Us – How We Survived A Global Pandemic

The most unfortunate Friday the 13th in History!

This year started off with much excitement for future plans. Our team was expanding, we were prepping for the largest turnout ever for NES, and all major holidays were on the weekend. What more could you ask for? This year was going to be amazing! However, for so many people luck fell short on Friday, March 13th. Now, I wouldn’t say I was superstitious, but that Friday the 13th was going down in history.

COVID19 causes a national shut down.

When you first see the news you don’t want to believe the COVID19 Pandemic is real. It was as though we were all living in a Hollywood movie, yet we were soon forced to accept our new reality. A global pandemic was only something that many of us had only learned through history, and now we have one at our doorsteps. Like everyone, my concerns for my family and friends’ health and safety became a top priority. However, as a business owner, the lively hoods and health of all of the employees and customers also weighed heavily on my heart. I soon had to contemplate and plan for the unsuspecting changes that were brought upon us.

The “What Ifs” of business.

When you first start a business you are always conscious of the “what ifs”, but this was a scenario that no one could predict. The magnitude of a global pandemic sent shockwaves throughout the world’s economy. All the typical “what ifs” are thrown out of the window.

Understanding entrepreneurship isn’t easy.

It takes a great deal of knowledge, passion, commitment, mentorship, and faith to excel. There are multiple components to take into consideration such as inventory, reserve capitals, savings, and more. All of these moving variables that you have to be conscious of can cause you to question your confidence. Which is the last thing you want to happen. Through the hard work of the team and perseverance, we were able to continue to uphold our mission statement and adapt during this pandemic.

How will Covid impact my business?

At the start of the shutdowns, I had to ask myself the tough questions. How will this impact the employees, sales consultants, technicians, and the entire Influance Community? It’s all about planning, preparation, and pushing the right buttons in hopes to stabilize the business. All probable outcomes must be completely processed because you don’t know which direction things may turn. Will we close? Will we be essential? Who will we lay off or furlough? Who will work from home? We had to come up with quick solutions that will result in positive outcomes.

Teamwork makes the Dreamwork!

As a former athlete, one thing that has always been ingrained in me is teamwork. One could not make it through this without the outstanding and sacrificial work that each member of our Influance Team has made. Along with a strong, adaptable team, another component that helped us remain essential during the initial shut down was the ability to produce hand sanitizer.

The benefits of being prepared!

Prior to the pandemic, we were preparing to come out with our hand sanitizer. Our formula and packaging were already complete. Having our own manufacturing facilities was also critical for us to sustain our business. Everything was impacted by the need to create sanitizer and become essential. We had to adapt quickly and creatively to be able to continue to produce high-quality products for our loyal customers. I had to make sure that we never sacrificed the quality of our raw materials.
Thanks to the production of the hand sanitizer we were able to start a new base to continue to build upon and adapting to the new world of living through a pandemic. With all salons closing, we had to adjust how we are able to continue to help our stylists maintain a source of income. This is where we began encouraging stylists to start retailing. Retailing our salon-exclusive products enabled the stylists to make additional income while planning for the unknown. I was pleased to see our loyal customer base take advantage of our marketing concept.
Our amazing and relentless sales consultants also were adapting to the increase in retail product sales. They made significant adjustments to their business to be more accommodating to the needs of their clients. We were also encouraging them to take all safety precautions to maintain the health of their clients and themselves. I am continuously grateful and impressed with how rapidly they were able to make new modifications to their routines to support and protect their clients. We take pride in being salon-exclusive while educating the professional cosmetologists and barbers in the process. We shall never waver on salon exclusivity because of the negative impact it would have on the industry as a whole.
Another amazing transition we have is the virtual classes. Along with the hand sanitizer, virtual classes were another upcoming opportunity we wanted to be able to provide stylists. Stylists are now able to attend our classes from any location across the country. This has helped us to be able to provide them with exclusive knowledge and education that can help them sustain their business, learn new techniques, and brush up on new styling trends. We want to continue to grow with stylists and provide them with the means to have a sustainable and successful career.
As we continue to grow we look to continue to uplift our stylists to make incredible strides in this industry. We also look to continue to provide stylists with a high-quality and exclusive brand and to shows them that we will be here for them through thick and thin.  Together we will overcome any obstacle!