Halloween Glamour Guide

Halloween Glamour Guide

6-Steps to Achieve the Halloween Glamour Look

Step 1: Cleanse your hair with Influance Organic Shampoo.

Step 2: Condition your tresses with Influance Organic Conditioner 

Step 3: Before coloring your hair use the Exclusive Professional  Powder Lightener 20 Volume. 

Step 4: Apply the Exclusive Professional Influance Post Chemical Infuser treatment to maintain the hair’s integrity. 

Step 5: Add color! Exclusive Professional Influance Candy Apple Red and Sunburst Gel Colors will give your hair that Orange Halloween Glow – Seen here!

Festive Hair Color

Step 6: Time to Style! Use the Influance S3 Spray and Holding Spray to achieve maximum glamorous volume! 

Add a few accessories and there you have it! Go forth and slay all night long in your new ‘do!

Thanks for checking out our Halloween Glamour Guide.

Stay tuned for future festive Step-by-Step Hair Tutorials on our  Blog Page.

Happy Halloween! 


Influance Retail Products Used in our Halloween Look

It's Natural Collection

It’s Natural Organic Shampoo 8oz.


Finishing Aids

S3 Spray 4oz.


Finishing Aids

Firm Holding Spray 11oz.

Locate an Influance SaloN To Style your Halloween Look!