2 thoughts on “Honey Almond Conditioner

  1. Regenia Ivey
    Regenia Ivey says:

    Hello, how are you!! I have ordered the Honey Stying Foam. I absolutely Love this foam and would like to know when this will be back in stock!! Please get back in contact as soon as possible!! I’m running out and need some quick, I will not be using any else ever again!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS GREAT PRODUCT!!!

    • David Knickerbocker
      David Knickerbocker says:

      We greatly appreciate your comment and we are glad that we can fill your professional hair care product needs.

      If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us, we are always happy to reach out to customers to assist with the growth of their business. You can contact us via email at sales@influancehaircare.com or phone at 888-455-8989.

      If you would like to order more of the Honey Style Foam, please click this Link. Don’t forget to leave a review we always appreciate hearing from our loyal customers.

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