Honey Almond Foam & Leave-In Conditioner

If you haven’t tried our It’s Natural Honey Almond Styling Foam and Leave-In Conditioner, what are you waiting for? There isn’t much competition when it comes to our styling foams. As one of our top-selling products and client’s favorite, this foam is a must-have product! Still not convinced? In this blog, we will show you the amazing benefits of the proper usages of our Honey Almond Foam and Leave-In Conditioner.

The Honey Almond Styling Foam adds sheen and weightless volume. This foam is great for molding down your clients with short styles. This is also great for rod sets and roller sets.

Honey Almond Foam Benefits
Benefits Include:
    • Adds shine and create silkiness
    • Enhances natural body and bounce
    • A propriety blend of highly potent natural conditioning
    • Detangling agents
First, we spray the hair down with a water bottle. You want to make sure to get the hair fully saturated. Follow up with the It’s Natural Honey Almond Leave-In Conditioner. You want to make sure you evenly distribute it throughout the hair. With this conditioner, a little goes a long way. It adds a lot of moisture to the hair and protects the hair from mechanical damage during styling.
Honey Almond Leave-In Conditioner Benefits
Benefits of the Honey Almond Leave-In Conditioner:
    • Repairs damaged, dry overworked hair
    • Instantly detangles and softens hair for greater manageability
    • Imparts silkiness and enhances the natural look
Next, apply the honey almond styling foam. You want to apply this to the hair and make sure it’s fully saturated. For a pixie cut, you want to make sure you are sectioning the hair and using your hand to follow to comb to allow the hair to lay flat. The honey almond styling foam is a go-to styling product for all hair types. Once you finish molding the hair you can place the client under the dryer for about 20 – 30 minutes or until dry.
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