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Sensitive Scalp Relaxer Kit with Tynisha Barnes

October 6, 2020 K Smith

Getting back into the swing of things!

As our country gradually begins to reopen, one business everyone is dying to get back in is barbershops and salons. With being stuck in quarantine many clients may have taken it upon themselves to become their own stylist, and we all know the results from that.

While many clients are attempting to style their own hair, some are stuck at home waiting to get a relaxer touch-up. As new growth increases, patience decreases. And one thing we try to discourage is for non-professionals to attempt relaxing their own hair. We at Influance, hope to remind everyone to try to resist this temptation and visit a professional stylist.


So many relaxers to choose from!

One great thing about our salon-exclusive product line is that we carry a variety of relaxer systems, this includes our Shea Butter Relaxer, Olive Oil Relaxer, and the Sensitive Scalp Relaxer Kit. In this blog, we will be discussing how to use our Sensitive Scalp Relaxer.

Whether the client has a sensitive scalp, is color-treated, or a child this relaxer is the way to go! The Sensitive Scalp Relaxer is a guanidine hydroxide relaxers, which means it does not leave any calcium buildup on the hair. By following this guide you will be able to achieve a look that imparts sheen, and leaves the hair full of body!

Let’s get started!

In the Sensitive Scalp Relaxer Kit, you receive 12 (5oz) cups of relaxer (step 2A), 1.3 oz measuring cup, 12 spatulas, and Liquid Activator (step 2B). First, you’re going to take your spatula and break up the relaxer. This will allow for easy mixing for pouring the relaxer into the cup. Next, you will take the Liquid Activator (step 2B) and pour it into your 1.3 oz measuring cup, and fill it to the line. You will then pour the measuring cup into the relaxer and mix. Continue mixing until you get a creamy consistency, you don’t want to see any Liquid Activator separate from the relaxer solution.

Before you apply:

Next, you will start sectioning the client’s hair into 4 quadrants. With the Squeezable Conditioning Base, begin basing in the back right quadrant with quarter inch parts. Be sure to apply around the entire hairline and scalp.

Once you’ve applied the base to the entire head you will move on to the Pre-Chemical Treatment. You will use a small amount. The amount will vary from client to client based on the density of the hair. You do not want to over saturate the hair with the solution. Starting with the back right quadrant you will apply the Pre-Chemical Treatment to the hair focusing on the ends of the hair, as this is the oldest part of the hair. After you applied the Pre-Chemical Treatment you can apply the sensitive scalp relaxer.

Begin applying the relaxer in the back right quadrant. You want to make sure you are keeping the relaxer off the scalp by applying it upward. This is called an Off The Scalp Application. If your clients have spars edges, apply the relaxer there last. All three strengths are in one cup. Mild processing time is 15 minutes, Regular processing time is 20 minutes, and Super processing time is 25 minutes.

Time to rinse!

After the relaxer is finished processing it is time to rinse. Once you rinse out the relaxer you will towel blot dry the hair, to prevent dilution of the product. You also want to towel blot the hair after each shampoo. Next, you’re going to apply the Post Chemical Infuser, this will help replenish any nutrients removed from the chemical relaxing process. The Post Chemical Infuser has vitamin e in it, which leaves the hair feeling soft silky and shiny. It also strengthens the hair for increased resistance to breakage.

Leave the Post Chemical Infuser on the hair for five minutes before applying the Neutralizing Shampoo. This will be placed directly on top of the Post Chemical Infuser, do not rinse this out. When shampooing after a relaxer make sure that you’re shampooing in a downward motion, to prevent disrupting the hair. The Neutralizing Shampoo will act as a sealant to keep the nutrients from the Post Chemical Infuser on the hair.

After your third shampoo application you should no longer see pink suds, this means the relaxer has been completely removed from the hair. After shampooing with the Neutralizing Shampoo you will use the Multiplex Conditioner. This is the recommended conditioner to use for all of the relaxers systems with Influance. The Multiplex Conditioner also strengthens the hair after the relaxer and has a low pH. Once you’ve completed the shampoo and condition you can style as desired.

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