The Big Chop For Summer with Influance National Educator Tynisha Barnes

That Summer Heat Weighing You Down?

We got the answer to all your problems. Check out Tynisha Barnes’s tutorial for the cutest pixie cut of the season!

9 Steps to the Ultimate Summer Hair Cut


1. Get the clippers out, and start removing that length. Work smarter not harder!


2.  Shampoo the hair using Honey Almond Shampoo and Conditioner; this will ensure the hair is clean and moisturized.


3. Use the Jet Black Conditioning Rinse to add some depth and shine to her hair


4. Use the Coconut Milk Leave-In Conditioner to detangle the hair.

Mold Down

5.  Apply the Honey Almond Styling Foam to create the perfect mold down.


6. Use Therma-Seal, amazing heat protectant that adds intense shine.


7. Use the Firm Holding Spray for a flexible non-flaking hold.


8. Work your flat iron to create movement and texture.

More Shine

9. Use S3 Spray to add shine.

Ta-dah – Now you’ve got a stylish short look that will keep you cool this summer in more ways than one!

A big thank you to this week’s blog author and contributor Influance Stylist Tynisha Barnes!

Tynisha has been in the beauty industry for 4 years. She specializes in Trendy Short Hairstyles and Precision Haircuts.

Ms. Barnes is dedicated to continuing her education and always being up-to-date on the latest trends. Tynisha takes pride in making sure that the health and integrity of the hair is the main priority when achieving any look. This means using and retailing a professional product line. Influance Hair Care Products have helped her every step of the way.

Building confidence in others is what she strives to do each day in the salon and that all starts with understanding each client as an individual. When clients sit in her chair, Tynisha wants them to forget all of their troubles and leave the salon with a hairstyle that reflects their greatness.

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