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Natural Hair Tips and Tricks

April 5, 2018 Influance Hair Care

With Influance Educator Fawnne Smith

Fawnne’s Top 5 Tips For Stylists

  1. Foundation is key! Shampoo and Condition your clients with the Influance Hair Care Honey Almond System. It will offer a multitude of moisture for your clients’ hair, which is excellent for detangling and styling the hair.
  2. Recommend Retail Products for your client for at home use in between salon visits. Natural hair clients need daily maintenance products to upkeep their tresses and to help seal in the moisture in their hair.
  3. Pre-dry natural hair before styling. This step is important because it helps remove moisture and allows the hair to receive the styling product without being watered down. Pre-drying the hair will also allow for stretching of the hair. Stretching the hair is usually a vital step when doing rod-set and twist-out services. The end result: full and long natural hair.

It’s Natural Professional Product Line

It’s Natural Retail Product Line

  1. Detangling natural hair can be a challenge sometimes. Adding the Influance Hair Care Coconut Milk Leave-In Conditioner can cut down the amount of time it takes to detangle, and won’t leave a build up on the hair. Apply the leave in to wet hair before styling, to detangle without damaging your clients’ ends. This product will also nourish and add moisture to the hair. This step is absolutely necessary when styling natural hair.
  2. I highly recommend offering your client a trim service every 10 to 12 weeks. This will help get rid of split ends and allow the client to retain some length during the growing out process and it helps keep the hair healthy. Add a little Influance Hair Care Honey Almond Leave Into the hair, blow dry on medium heat and proceed to trim the hair, then proceed to style the hair. These trim services will define and perfect the overall look.

Fawnne’s 5 Must Have Products for Natural Hair Styling

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Retail Products

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  1. Influance Hair Care Natural Oil seals in the moisture and can be used daily for maintenance. It can also be made into a cocktail with Honey Almond Conditioner as a deep conditioner to add shine to the hair. It’s very important to seal in the moisture to prevent breakage when putting your client’s hair under the dryer.
  2. Influance Hair Care Coconut Milk Styling Foam is great for twisting and braiding natural hair. The styling foam is also great for Rod Setting the hair – a little goes a long way. This product gives my clients’ excellent hold and shine.
  3. Influance Hair Care S3 Spray is my fave! Excellent for finishing a blowout service. It offers softness and gives shine while offering UV protection. This product gives lots of shine without any alcohol.
  4. The Influance Hair Care Organic Styling Gel is great for clients who love to wear a wash-n-go. This product can be mixed with the Coconut Milk Leave in for excellent hold and will lock in your clients’ curls. The gel is non-flaking and alcohol-free.
  5. Influance Hair Care Thermal-Seal is excellent for finishing and styling natural hair after a blowout service. Thermal-seal will repel the moisture and give excellent shine and helps protect the hair. This product is also great for finishing rod-sets and styling twist-outs. An excellent product for your clients’ home use in between salon appointments.

A big thank you to this week’s blog author and contributor Influance Educator Fawnne Smith!

Influance Hair Care Educator Fawnne

Fawnne has over 20 years of experience in the professional hair care industry with a concentration in customized hair treatments for natural hair and healthy hair styling. She has been with Influance 2 years, and teaches the It’s Natural Courses focusing on maintaining healthy textured hairstyles maintenance for the wash-n-go, rod sets, twist, coloring locs, bridal styling and more.

Follow Fawnne Smith @salonnoa to see her work and keep up to date on her latest looks, and follow us @influancehaircare1 to stay up to date on our Latest Blog Posts.

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